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When most people think of Cornwall, it is the summer scene that comes to mind – but there is far more to the County than just sun, sea and sand.

We have fantastic summers, but our winters are incredibly mild.  Cornwall and The Old Rectory at Lanreath by Looe will welcome you at any time of the year.

Cornwall is almost surrounded by sea and the Gulf Stream has a marked positive effect on the south eastern part of the County.

During Winter the temperature rarely falls to freezing; the average temperature of January is similar to that of many southern Mediterranean resorts. Cornish Winters are rarely white, but paint a picture of a land that is totally unlike the experience of Summer. If snow does come it can make the village look even prettier. Rainfall is high but there are also long periods of dry, sunny weather. The crystal clear air almost sparkles and makes it a marvellous time to get into the countryside or onto the beaches – there will often be few others in sight.

Spring comes early to Cornwall; probably the most magical time of the year. The people of Cornwall take to the streets and celebrate the end of Winter with numerous festivals – many of which are of pagan origin. The warmer temperatures fill the hedgerows with masses of flowers and turn roadside verges to a patriotic shade of red, white and blue. Cornwall’s numerous gardens awake and this is the perfect time to enjoy local gardens with their camellia and magnolia collections. The roads and beaches are still almost empty – and yet April and May regularly average as many hours of warm sunshine as the months of July and August.

Summer is the time of year that most people associate with Cornwall. It sees beaches thronging with families; developing wonderful memories in whole new generations of children. The long, sunny days can be very warm but cooling breezes off the sea make such days feel glorious. Rain does fall but hopefully not too frequently – it merely serves to keep everywhere lush and green.

As the majority of visitors leave Cornwall for yet another year, Autumn comes and brings a relaxed atmosphere to the County, colourful hues and harvest celebrations. Local people find the time to enjoy leisure pursuits, the Village Halls begin to fill up and the local sports leagues get under way – Rugby, Football, Indoor Bowls, Darts, Billiards, and Skittles. Everyone understands that it is time to talk to friends – old and new – and know that there is always tomorrow to finish that job. The weather is normally as generous as in Spring and Summer often ambles into October..... but even if night does begin to carry a little chill in its air; there is still a wealth of Inns with warming log fires.

Slow down, enjoy yourself at any time of year. That’s what Cornwall is all about.