Environmental Policy

The Edge family supports sustainable tourism principles and believe we all have a duty to care for our environment.  We recognise that we live in and you are visiting an area of stunning natural beauty and cultural heritage.  We want you to enjoy your visit to this special area and return home with treasured memories and a sense of having helped Cornwall stay special.  In the choices we make, we can all reduce the impact we make on the environment and support local communities.  Our ideas are detailed below and we welcome your additional suggestions.

Energy and Water Conservation.

We try to have rooms at a comfortable temperature without being too warm – lowering the thermostat by just a couple of degrees can have a significant impact on energy consumption.

We are gradually replacing our light bulbs with low energy long life bulbs.

We aim to switch off lights when leaving a room and not to leave electrical equipment on stand by.

We launder all the linen on site and line dry.

We use showers rather than baths where possible.

We only boil the amount of water we need in the kettle.

We turn off taps when cleaning our teeth; we turn off dripping taps or repair them promptly.

We have hippo–flushes in the toilet cistern.

We only run our appliances when full and aim to replace with A–rated appliances as necessary.

Reduce; Reuse; Recycle.

We recycle all our waste paper, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles and both steel and aluminium cans.  Please recycle your waste too.

We compost garden refuse and vegetable kitchen waste. 

We consider packaging when we buy food – please say no to packaging and use ‘bags for life’.

We try to use recycled paper domestically.

We encourage internet access to our accommodation information rather than brochures and endeavour to use e–mail communications.


We appreciate that using public transport from this rural location is difficult.  There is however the option of enhancing some trips by using public transport – The Lost Gardens of Heligan and Truro are particular examples.

Local walk leaflets, south–west coast path information and cycle track booklets are all available on-line.  Treasure Trails are an ideal way to explore a location on foot and find things you would never have discovered otherwise.

South–east Cornwall is blessed with much to see and do; staying local reduces both environmental and traffic pollution.

Local Countryside.

Habitats even in many rural areas have reduced – Cornwall is fortunate in being rich with hedgerows, heath land and old buildings, all important to wildlife.  Please help to protect the plants and animals by following the Countryside Code.  Take litter away; leave gates and property as you find it and keep dogs under control.  Please also respect the trees, plants, flowers and wildlife in our garden and instruct your children not to damage them.

Community Support.

We support our community shop, pub and local producers.  We hope you will do the same and enjoy Cornish distinctiveness.  The local food and drink is wonderful.  Farmers markets and farm shops offer you the opportunity to sample what is so good about this area.

We encourage you to visit The Eden Project, where environmental awareness and education are paramount